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The WhiteTeak Company presents floor lamp collection

The new line of lamps is available in popular combinations of black and gold as well as black and white

The WhiteTeak Company recently launched their floor lamp collection, which is designed in a unique shape by using the finest materials with a golden and ivory finish, matte stands etc. It is a blend of art and fashion, and can have a huge impact on the ambience of a room. Available in popular combinations of black and gold as well as black and white, these illuminated floor lamps are perfect additions to up the style quotient of a space.

Farewall floor lamp.

For instance, one of the exclusive pieces, Triple Treat floor lamp has three shades of ivory and black that come together to create an attractive floor lamp that doubles as a piece of art. Similarly, the Looking at Greek to Me floor lamp has elegant metal globes that form an interesting cluster around a modern gold frame.

 Greek floor lamp.

According to Anu Mehta and Mamta Mehta, founder and co-founder of The WhiteTeak Company, "From classic looks to bold, trendy designs, our latest floor lamps…upgrade the look of your room from ordinary to extraordinary. It is the best way to enhance any space, as this tall light illuminates dark corners, emitting luxury lighting at its finest."



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