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New Delhi gets a new store inspired by Sindhi architecture

Torani is designed by Bora Da`Designs, a studio led by principal designers Udaai Batra and Navneet Kaur

The Torani Flagship store draws inspiration from Sindhi culture and its design elements, which is seen even in their clothes. The design brief was to create a clean space, void of any clutter so as to highlight the designer clothes on display. The store mirrors the very heritage it draws inspiration from - mainly the 16th century buildings comprising magnificent domes and beautiful curvilinear arches. The brief also required an unfinished and antique look from floor, walls to ceiling.

The basic theme revolves around earthy colours and rawness of materials. The entire store is painted in a grey hue with a rough grainy texture, while the fixtures are left in a raw state too. The design is simple, clean without the obvious ornamentation. Any added element only reflects the very soul of the product and it’s inspiration.

The walls act as a canvas with its earthy and grainy textured paint. It covers every inch including the beams and ceiling to bind the store as a whole. The rugged feel takes one back to the lost architecture of the Sindh region.

In the central part of the store, a tall, bare tree stands tall  from which brass bells of various styles are hung. Saffron threads suspend each bell from the tree and also spirals around it to remind one of the rituals that are deeply rooted in the Indian culture. This central attraction is the first thing you see when you enter the store. Right ahead of it lies the Nandi, the mount for Lord Shiva. Cast in brass, it greets one sitting grandly on the wooden pedestal.

The flooring matches and flows onto the walls. The grey micro topping lends the required cement rugged feel to the space, adding the feel of antiquity and minimalism.

Looking mirrors are set inside arched shaped frames that draw a strong inspiration from Persian architecture which was a major influence in Sindhi architecture. The arches embolden the theme in the most subtle way.

Lighting is kept practical and in tune to the needs of the modern store. Focus lights create a spotlight effect, highlighting the details on the products displayed. The lights also create the right ambience to experience the products. The display stands are fashioned out of bare metal with a hint of paint. The accessory displays are made in the same metal along with white marble stone. The knobs used for hanging scarves, bags and so on are casted in the shape of the logo of the brand.

Project Name: Torani
Location: Khan Market, New Delhi
Design Firm: Bora Da` Designs
Principal Designers: Udaai Batra, Navneet Kaur



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