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Faber introduces semi-integrated dishwasher

The latest generation of Franke dishwashers guarantees the very best in performance – low consumption, excellent washing and drying in a short space of time

Elegantly designed dishwasher by Faber, saves time and water in any kitchen. It embodies the company philosophy where the focus is on premium quality raw materials and excellent finished products, ease of use and total safety; reduced water and energy consumption with environmental protection in mind.

Faber Dishwasher have many distinguished features. The Foldable Bottom Rack is accessorised with a handle which makes loading and unloading easier.Tip-up rack can accommodate various sizes of crockery. The Adjustable upper basket can be positioned at different height levels. It offers great loading flexibility, which  means large saucepans and plates can be arranged on the bottom basket. The innovative loading system allows loading of cutlery and small pieces of crockery in the third rack leaving more room for plates and large pieces of crockery at the bottom of the appliance

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Faber products have a heat exchange system which uses the heat generated in the wash cycle to preheat the water for subsequent rinse cycles. No additional energy is required for the drying cycle, hence saving the energy.

The dishwasher can use as little as 10 L water to wash a full load of dishes without compromising on energy consumption or wash quality. Faber satellite spray and intensive spray work efficiently and reduce water gently.

A special sensor sets the wash cycle in accordance with the soil level of the crockery. The wash cycle can be delayed to make use of the most convenient time as per the consumer. Faber dishwasher operates at 49dB (A) noise level, which ensures an excellent atmosphere. The dishwashers are also fitted with safety systems to prevent the risk of flooding.



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