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Five Work From Home essentials to help you stay on track

Havells India shares how these five easy-to-use home appliances can make quarantine life less stressful

Work from home has become the new norm after the global outbreak of Covid-19. While to some it might imply no face-to-face meetings and extra time to snooze in the mornings, but working from home for longer durations can also be more taxing and requires more focus. A few home essentials would help one to stay efficient:

Coffee Maker: Modern coffee makers are designed in such a way that even a novice can use them to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. It will surely come in handy when you are working from home for longer hours.

LED Desk Lamp: No home office is complete without a desk lamp. LED lamps are best for task lights. A glare-free desk lamp will help you create the right working environment at home. Moreover, there are plenty of desk lamps available in the market in interesting designs that can easily blend with the home décor and also work as a design feature.

Electric Kettle: Now you can brew tea while working from home using an electric kettle. If you are a tea lover, you can go beyond regular tea and try making different kinds of tea at home during the quarantine such as chamomile tea, mint tea and rose tea. Sipping on a hot cup of tea is truly relaxing and some of them such as chamomile tea are especially known for its comforting properties.

Sandwich Toaster: While cooking a meal can be a joy, preparing heavy breakfast meals everyday can be time consuming during your work from home routine (especially if you are cooking for a family). At this point, you might be looking for ways to make quick-fix breakfast options which are interesting at the same time. A sandwich toaster is perfect for creating quick simple snacks or adding variety to the breakfast options everyday. Havells Big Fill 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster comes with 2-slice large toasted sandwich plate that enable comfortable cleaning and perfect sandwich delivery.

Airfryer: An airfryer is an excellent solution for your hunger pangs. With the unique rapid air technology, the air fryer does a great job of making food crispy. This feature allows hot air to surround the food, cooking it more evenly and quickly. Air fryers can be a perfect option for people looking for healthy and fast ways to prepare easy snackable foods. You can make delicious comfort dishes for less calories, including french fries, chicken wings and gluten-free cake - all with less oil.



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