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A serene and clean space by Greenlam

Homes designed with Greenlam’s finest collection and easy to follow design tips can make quarantine days less dreary

Amidst the lockdown period, while you are staying at home to keep yourself safe, cleanliness is very important. Greenlam Industries offers a few tips to achieve a serene look without compromising on the hygiene factor.

During the lockdown, we often feel the need to unwind from a tiring day due to increased household chores and office work. Why not take this opportunity to just amp up the bathing area into a rejuvenation spot? Start with simply arranging the toiletries in ceramic mugs or jute baskets that are easily available at home. For the walls, decorative veneers are easy to maintain. For instance, Quill by Decowood from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. with its chocolaty shade gives the space a personality of its own while blending seamlessly with the neutral colour scheme. Lastly, you can also prepare an organic DIY spa to enjoy a peaceful time, pampering yourself amidst the quarantine chaos.

As you get ready to embrace this quarantine period by spending some quality time with your family, the living room will be used more often. Keeping this space clean and spacious which infuses tranquillity. Bring some fresh plants inside from the garden to complement the engineered wooden floor. For instance, the Oak Earth by Mikasa engineered wood flooring from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. when paired with summer tones of light blue, green and orange infuses a dose of refreshing air. With easy maintenance of Mikasa floors, keep every surface sanitised to maintain safety and hygiene at home.

We all have some hobby, so utilise this time to design a dedicated corner to enjoy what you love doing the most. Whether it is an artsy abode, sports arena, reading corner or a music studio, utilise this time to redo the bedroom as a personalised recreational zone. The Mysore Ivory by Greenlam Laminates from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. is antibacterial, impact and scratch resistant, your objects can be placed without any worries. Splash some DIY abstract patterns and place some stools or a bean bag for a seating arrangement. Try this idea while keeping the space uncluttered.



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