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Let the minimal mantra take over your abode

Krsnaa Mehta, founder & executive director at India Circus, offers advice on embracing minimalistic décor

Two eyes and too many distractions? At a given point in time, where all can one set their eyes on? Well, one can never go wrong either, having both colours and motifs in any space. But what matters is the arrangement of it all. Including both these elements to one's home can make it look less cluttered, playing a minimalist but yet give a desired lush outcome at the same time. Not just for a glance, but the mantras curated below are for you to soak-in to master minimalism for your home:

Set up.

1. Refrain from blending solid colours with solid coloured intricate, for one mustn't forget two elements cannot be focused at the same time

2. Not too much into colours? Not a problem, because you need to know that motifs could be your interior partner now

Decor plate.

3. Just the colours, No? Just motifs, No? But a stand-up piece, Yes? Why not, then! An element as such of intricate design can bring life to any space, you name it! You can also consider adding an element with a home accent or figurines

Furnishings - cushions.

4. Definition of modernism to you is simplicity? Then decluttering the complex tangled furnishings and replacing them with subtle decors having simpler design elements can do the trick

5. So you're not a 'this' or 'that' kind of person, but are a 'this' and 'that' kind of person. However, you may do so for décor too, but while arranging it all, what should be on top of your mind is spacing

Wall art.

6. Not a fan of colours, neither of intricacies? And lights are something that can light you up? Well, what works better than natural that still does the wonder!



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