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Wave Murano Glass presents Bucati

The innovative glass company has unveiled a series of vases that have a unique sculptural quality

The new collection of artistic vases by Wave Murano Glass required a specialised technique to create the opening across the two sides of the red hot glass vessel. Bucati is enriched by the use of 24kt gold and silver leaf stratified with black glass and coated with a final layer of clear glass that makes the vase precious and brilliant. A characteristic of Bucati collection is the iconic window that grants the vase to maintain a see-through property in its colourful and decorative, chromatic richness. Bucati collection is available in different colours: black, silver leaf, and transparent glass.

The Wave Murano Glass team is composed of some of the most skilled artisans from Italy. They develop a series of exclusive projects through profitable collaborations with the best furniture and design markets. Wave Murano Glass is known to fulfil ‘glass dreams’ through their innovative work. In Murano, an island proud of its past, the birth of the unique and new Wave Murano Glass company represents a window opened on the future.



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