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APL Apollo unveils Apollo Fencing Solution that blends protection with aesthetics

The product claims to offer safety and aesthetics at a low cost

APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo) has launched Apollo Fencing Solution, an innovation that gives much-desired safety fencing to any property, besides adding aesthetics and elegance to it. Comprising an array of uniquely designed H-shaped fence posts called Apollo Fence, this low-cost and durable product range can be used to replace even the concrete boundary wall.

Apollo Fence tubes can also be used to support various types of wire or wire mesh. The product boasts a broad spectrum of uses and cost competitiveness. It is formed by merging the H-shaped Apollo Fence tubes on both ends with an Apollo Plank placed between them. The Apollo Plank itself being another new-age steel product, makes the Apollo Fencing Solution an amalgamation of two of the strongest products of APL Apollo.

Announcing the launch of the Apollo Fencing Solution, Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo, said, “Apollo Fencing Solution gives you the most superior safety fencing and adds unmatched beauty to your property, and above all it is born out of the blending of our two strongest products. In sync with our vision of providing quality and innovative products to our customers, the Apollo Fencing Solution offers several benefits in terms of value for money and lower maintenance.”

It offers a perimeter protection solution for gardens, houses or any other properties



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