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Ellementry unveils a new tableware collection – Rustic Sage

Honouring a more sustainable future, Rustic Sage is inspired by nature and green living

Having made an impressive mark in just a year of its launch with its impeccably handcrafted products, lifestyle home décor brand Ellementry celebrates simple luxury through exquisite and sustainable designs. A new collection of handcrafted ceramic tableware – Rustic Sage – not only takes you closer to nature, but also offers a refined way of living.

Inspired by nature and green living, Rustic Sage pays homage to a more sustainable future. While rustic suggests “natural”, the colour sage stands for herbs and botanicals. The rustic look is achieved by applying two different glazes – brown and green. When it is fired in the furnace, both the glazes react to make a new colour – Rustic Green or Sage. The products are further coated in a transparent glaze, which makes it 100% food safe and easy to clean. Use of wood in some of the products lends the collection a holistic appeal.

The Rustic Sage collection is designed keeping in mind the products needed for entertaining guests at home. It comprises a serving bowl, small bowl, coffee mug, jar, jug, dinner plate, side plates and soup bowls. The thoughtfully designed forms are ergonomic and are suitable for contemporary Indian lifestyle. While they look breathtakingly beautiful, they offer perfect functionality, which is the hallmark of all Ellementry products.

“We are a brand that designs handmade products that are not only beautiful, but functional too. We follow food safety norms as per international standards. Our success as we enter the second year of operations is a result of the tremendous response we have been getting from our customers,” says Ayush Baid, founder, Ellementry



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