ACCOUNTS-IN-MOTION, Contemporary office, Studio Built Environment, Chandigarh, Dynamic design, Innovative storage design
Photographs: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

ACCOUNTS-IN-MOTION captures the essence of quintessential and contemporary workspaces

Studio Built Environment’s innovative storage design and Ferris wheel storage installation enhance the dynamism of the space

Effective space utilisation and adding dynamism to the interaction of users with space formed the key design concepts for this office for the Accounts Department of Chitkara University, Chandigarh. The intriguing workspace has been designed by Studio Built Environment. The challenge of housing more than 1,000 files for ready reference, along with spacious workstations, drove the design focus towards saving every inch of space. The solution lay in the comprehensive study and evolution of unique file storage and workstation design. The idea was to transform this challenge into an opportunity so that not only does this highly efficient storage occupy less space, but also offers its users an interesting operating pattern to retrieve files, which takes away the tiresome essence of typical office spaces.

To enhance this solution, a dynamic file-storage-cart assembly was conceptualised to house daily reference files; interaction through which could act as a stress-buster for the users throughout their mundane routines. Spatial hierarchy has been kept in mind while placing the supervisor cabins guarding the entrance, thus cordoning off the inside open office space for visitors. Visually light partitions were conceptualised in the foreground to keep the space visually connected and to accentuate the expanse of the small space, whereas the ceiling and background were conceptualised as exposed with the use of rustic-finish elements to bring in a workaholic character to the space.

Fact File:

Name of the project: ACCOUNTS-IN-MOTION

Location: Chandigarh

Design Firm: Studio Built Environment

Date of completion: April 2019



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