Make That Space, Renovation, Mumbai, Apartment, Hand-painted, Feature wall, Sliding blackboard, Multi-functional unit
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Renovation of a 900 sq-ft apartment for a family of three

Make That Space designed the apartment at JVLR, Mumbai

The aim was to embody the client’s dynamic personality into the 900 sq-ft  space. It was intentionally decided to use different colour schemes in each room to create a sense of heterogeneity. However, certain elements like the straight lines, and the use of teak wood and plants, were carried along the various areas to create a sense of harmony and continuity.

One enters the bar area through a wooden panelled frame into a narrow passage, surrounded by books, that terminates at a cosy reading nook. A space that earlier was used to house AC units was transformed into a bar and library unit. The bar and library were finished in a PU-coated shade of garnet.

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Maximising the use of space in the 10-year-old's bedroom, Make That Space was able to fit in a lot of her requirements in just 16 sq-ft of floor space. This multi-functional unit incorporates a blackboard, storage space for toys and books, a ladder to climb to reach it, a folding table with chair and a pin-board on the side. The sliding blackboard enables each part of the unit to be used differently. The yellow wardrobe with a grey louvered shutter features hand-painted knobs to add a whimsical touch.

The feature wall evolved out of different colour preferences of the husband and wife. He wanted dark navy, she wanted blush. Adding a hint of grey, black and white, Make That Space brought the two together to create a stunning wall. Instead of opting for wallpaper, they decided to panel the wall and paint it to bring about the desired texture and depth where one can read the grooves between each of the colours distinctly. The platform for the bed was made with a view to increase storage. The master bedroom is divided into two distinct spaces – the bedroom and the study. To ensure privacy while working, the study is separated from the bedroom by sliding, folding doors. Ample light filters into the room through the frosted glass doors. The wardrobes continue a version of the pattern on the wall with long black metal handles. The cane shutter helps not only ventilate that part of the wardrobe, but also becomes a beautiful added texture to the space. This texture continues into the study, where the window is masked in cane for added privacy.



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