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Sagarika Villa is a mix of traditional Balinese architecture with some Indian elements

Located in Pererenan, Bali, Indonesia, this 235 m2 villa is a collaboration between India- and Bali-based professionals

This villa, built a few steps away from Perenan Beach in South West Bali, was the revisiting of a very old relationship between the architects and the clients – Amit and Raji Jain, who are now long-time residents of Perth in Australia. They had commissioned the architects twenty five years back on an award-winning house for them in Noida, and have remained in close contact ever since.

Bali being the favoured holiday destination from Australia, the Jains wished to test the waters of investing in a holiday home for the family, starting with a small villa built on this plot of 235 m2 in a planned development for custom homes.

Designed to take maximum advantage of Bali’s very pleasant tropical climate, where residential spaces are often not enclosed by walls to maximise prevailing breezes, and where lush tropical greenery can be grown even in very narrow, relatively shaded spaces, the design attempts to utilise even the very narrow setbacks on all sides to provide viable views for almost all the rooms, which are further designed as open plan spaces, amalgamating multiple functions with small water bodies and planted areas, and having openable fenestrations on maximum sides to allow in breeze and light.

The design elements attempt to abstractly derive from traditional Balinese architecture. The main living room in the front derives from the bale kambang and is un-walled on the sides and flanked by the lap pool on the East and part of the North and small gardens on other sides, enclosed by typically high peripheral walls for privacy. The upper volume is shaded by a porous screen, while an open plan area in the rear combines a lounge, dining and kitchen to provide refuge in very inclement weather; however, it has sliding doors all around. The upper floor bedrooms too are designed with an open plan in mind, as three- or four-side open spaces with the bathrooms also forming a part of the flowing volume. Narrow planters along the windows and planted bath courts allow greenery to play a central role, even in the upper floor interior spaces, while the terrace garden features a Jacuzzi sunk into a very Balinese lily pool, a small deck and views over rice fields.

South East Asia is renowned for an organised system of construction management. This small villa too had its full accompaniment of project architect, interior designer, landscape architects, various consultants and specialised contractors. While Kumar & Moorthy were the India-based concept architects providing the detailed initial design drawings and notes, the team of Bali-based professionals provided excellent, seamless professional services to enable the clients to complete the house in under a year, despite complex materiality and meticulous detailing.

The house is built with the rich palette of local materials that Bali has to offer. The synchronous colours and textures are offset by Balinese art, handicraft and artefacts, which augment the owners’ collection of Indian antiques and furniture to infuse this holiday home with unmistakeable local flavour and character.

Fact File:          

Name of the project: Sagarika Villa

Location: Pererenan, Bali, Indonesia

Architects (design): Kumar Moorthy & Associates

Architects (project execution): Garis Harmoni Associates (GHA)

Interior design: Millimatters Interior Design

Landscape design: Millimatters Landscape Design

Structural design consultant: Dhama Galang Structure Design

MEP consultant: Amep Design

Contractors (main): Cv. Ade Bali

Contractors (interiors): Cv. Adi Jaya Utama; Bali Antique

Photographs: Millimatters Photography



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