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Beyond Designs creates a pool house that is ornate, luxurious and inspired by neoclassical elements

There is a play of levels in the architecture of the house

Nestled in three acres of land, the Pool House is subdivided into ground and basement floor for the Ahluwalias – a family of four, who are art collectors and love shopping and travelling. There is a play of levels in the architecture of the house as the driveway leads to the ground floor which holds areas like foyer, kitchen, family lounge, family dining, master bedroom and guest bedrooms. Basement floor has formal areas like formal living room, dining room, bar and also two rooms for the daughters. The basement level opens to the lawns, gardens, gazebo and pool area. The look and feel of the project is designed by Beyond Designs with inspirations from neoclassical interiors and furniture pieces. All the areas showcase the utmost luxury with its play of lights using grand chandeliers and hanging lights.

The breath-taking family dining room overlooks the garden. The stone-topped dining table has brass details on its base in black finish. The eight-seater chairs are upholstered in plain blue fabric on the inside and a complementary paisley fabric on the outside leading to interesting play of textures. A stunning chandelier brings focus to the dining table. The broad dining room console has brass details on the front, the sleek brass lamps are a nod to modern design.

Fitted with an ornate wooden ceiling decoration finished in dull gold, the gazebo is fitted with classic-contemporary furniture: marble centre table with glass legs, crystal chandeliers, upholstered wooden sofa, leather chairs, chairs in rich upholstery, decorative mirror in dull gold finish on the mantel, low hanging chandeliers, and side tables with crossed brass legs. The twin table lamps are covered in pretty fabric. A marvellous stone-inlay top adds lots of patterns to the bar counter with brass and mirror base. Leather bar stools both complement and contrast with the counter.

In the gazebo powder washroom, the stunning black and white scheme creates a glamorous vibe. The white stone topped counter is contrasted with a black vanity. The checkered flooring offers a vintage touch. The mirrors and chandelier showcase an European flair.

In the master bedroom, an elegant bed with quilted leather headboard is paired with sideboards with mirror and paisley fabric cladding. All furniture, including chandelier in the corner, custom-created by Beyond Designs. The daughters’ rooms are modern with a neutral base and playful, floral wallpaper in the same shade. The padded bed, mirror side table and sofa, bedside lights are all customised by Beyond Designs



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