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A guide to designing children’s rooms

Shonali Mahajan, founder, Studio Wodehouse and The Little Nugget, shares her insights on designing spaces for tiny tots

When it comes to living spaces, interior design merges the functional with the aesthetic. When it comes to children’s rooms specifically, there are several factors that can be easily overlooked, however, must be taken into consideration, to make for a successful and flexible living space for the little one.

When designing children’s rooms, the design must offer optimal functionality to create a space that can be reused and repurposed through different stages – toddler, to walking to a growing child. Make sure the design has allowances to grow with the growing needs of the child so that parents do not need to invest every few years to refurbish or redo the room. The civil infrastructure of the room then becomes vital and must be carefully considered when planning the design and space.

Instead of opting for something ostentatious, a one-time investment made towards a standard or a timeless design approach will prove far more economical in the long run. Children’s tastes and preferences keep changing as they grow; choosing a design that is suitable for any gender and age group is therefore advisable. Try to incorporate pieces that can be modified, expanded or removed, as per the child’s needs.

When selecting a colour palette for the room, break away from the norm and select a colour that the child won’t grow out of. The ‘yellow is gender-neutral, blue for boys and pink for girls’ diktat is an outdated myth and only serves to restrict expression. Steer clear of age-old social stigmas, break the gendered stereotype and make your child’s room an introduction to let them explore colours and give colours a new meaning.

Storage is another important aspect to consider when doing up the kid’s room. Regardless of their age, children’s rooms should include ample storage options, whilst also being safe and restricting overall access to hazards. Allocate space for bookcases, shelves, drawers, etc. as they offer easy access to items children use on a daily basis. Higher shelves that can be locked can double up as storage for heavier items or things that should not be within easy reach for the child.

When designing a room for more than one child, it is important to find a balance between the needs of both children. The age group assumes great importance in such a situation and must be kept in mind when selecting a design for such a space. Finding a balance in terms of what styles both children would prefer and how to cater to the needs of both, is key to planning such a space.

About the designer
Shonali Mahajan is the founder of Studio Wodehouse and The Little Nugget, a firm of interior designers collaborating with designers and artists across disciplines, to create truly bespoke spaces & Interior products. Having worked with several award-winning architectural, interior and product design firms both in India & Milan such as Matteo Nunziati, Pinakin, Neterwala & Aibara and Fusion Access, Mahajan decided to go out on her own to create a one stop shop for interiors - this is how Studio Wodehouse was born. With a masters in interior design from the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, and the guidance of industry stalwarts, Mahajan has seamlessly brought together international standards of design with Indian craftsmanship; while continuing to create a niche for herself.



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