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An amalgamation of luxury and comfort

Ritz Carlton, Pune, gets the perfect ambience with automation and lighting control services by Anusha Technovision

Situated in close proximity to the Pune Airport, Ritz Carlton is the latest addition to the regal hospitality spaces dotting Pune’s IT hub. Spread across 35,000 sq-ft, the hotel boasts 198 rooms, and has multiple restaurants offering Japanese and Chinese cuisines, along with a juice bar and a coffee lounge.

With an aim to create the perfect ambience within its spaces, and provide convenience for users, the automation and lighting control services for this luxurious property were provided by Anusha Technovision using Homeworks QS Systems. The Homeworks QS systems facilitated the creation of a comfortable and transformative ambience within the dining spaces as well as the foyers of Ritz Carlton, with a highly dynamic lighting, which shifts in accordance with time of day, mood or the task at hand. This system also helped to deliver a seamless and luxurious hospitality experience with powerful controls and aesthetic lighting working in harmony. Complementing the regal interior décor with sophisticated, intuitive controls, Anusha Technovision augmented the ideal automation system, which helped in creating the perfect scene for this hotel with minimal oversight.

The automation of the hotel also helps in creating an environmentally-sensible space. The control of lights, by Anusha Technovision make each space comfortable and luxurious for the guests. In addition to comfort and aesthetics, automation also serves the very important purpose of helping save energy through the optimised light controls, as well as dimming modules. With their user-friendly controls, and illuminated backdrops, the mounted backlit keypads control the lights, and different scenes are created in a way that they capture the aesthetics and ambience of the property at any point of the day. This ensures that these innovative lighting products don’t simply access light, they orchestrate it.

Anusha Technovision also integrated the dimming module to work in tandem with a Homework’s QS system that automatically selects the leading edge or trailing edge dimming for the incandescent/ halogen, electronic/ magnetic low voltage and neon/ cold cathode light sources. It can also control direct dimmable CFL/ LED loads, and ensures that each output dims smoothly and is flicker-free.

Augmenting the finest user-centric lighting, dimmers and controls simultaneously accentuate interiors and complement the design of the architect and the lighting consultant while making a conscious choice to lessen your impact on the environment.



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