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Modern Art Deco vibe at this Inox

Sync Design Studio creates a modern-day cinematic experience in Gorakhpur

City Mall is located in the heart of Gorakhpur city in Uttar Pradesh, and its renovation project redefines the space to generate more revenue and create an experience that is more memorable. The design by Sync Design Studio creatively looks at the format to make it eclectic in a modern Art Deco style.

Since it was situated in a tier-2 city and with the studio promoting human centric design, it was imperative to get patrons acquainted with modern-day cinematic experiences. The idea was to create a cinema for the young and old alike that carries an entertainment experience in a luxurious setting. The entrance creates a strong presence with a floating vault and geometric patterned copper screen in the glazing. An interesting shopfront creates a welcoming arrival spot.

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A clever balanced interior using Art Deco-inspired design elements with a bold chequered tile pattern makes this space the new talk of the town. A sumptuous visual feast has been created with champagne gold wall coverings along with wooden panelled doors and antique copper accents.

Patrons enter the foyer to swooping elegant arches that marry historic architecture with stylish decor for a chic, casual cinematic environment that’s grounded in tradition. Large chandeliers and wall sconces adorn the architecture while glamourising the entire experience.

A circular lounge is tucked in the corner with full height glazings and Georgian metal bar inserts. The intimate setting of the lounge has been imagined with a luxurious material palette and bespoke furniture. The floating double dome with customised copper detailing is glowing with the beautiful customised crystal suspension. All the feature design elements have been custom designed and locally sourced to keep the budgets intact without compromising on the design language.

Auditoriums, which are the heart of any cinema, have been designed with simplicity. Bold geometric triangular forms illuminated with profile LED lighting on the side panels provide visual depth and help in enhancing the overall movie experience.

Bhavuk Jain.

Washrooms are adorned with island vanity counters and metal mirror frames suspended from the elliptical ceiling, along with customised illumination on the sides. The overall environment has been crafted to create a space that does not overpower the movie experience.

Sandeep Singh Sagoo.

Fact File

The client: Inox Leisure

Location: Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Project type: Refurbishment

Project area: 19,500 sq-ft

Design team: Bhavuk Jain, Sandeep Singh Sagoo, Amit Verma, Lalit Chauhan



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