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Sky City by Designer’s Circle

The 4BHK luxurious bungalow raises the standard of living in an ultra-modern community

Drenched with shades of blonde and ash wood with touches of oak, Designer’s Circle has curated a contemporary experience for the owners of this high-end bungalow. “A modernist, contemporary approach deals with straight line furniture having peculiar details. These details can be reflected by using bespoke materials for aesthetics and bringing warmth to any given space. The style that was developed with the overall colour coalition was adapted by doing justice to the calm and peaceful surroundings of the house,” mention the designers. The client’s brief was nominal – a balance between aesthetics, elegance and user-friendly design with a functional approach. The design evolved keeping in mind the needs and taste of a middle-aged couple and their young children.

The vestibule area at the entrance is a decorative corner of the house with a warm and cosy feel. Meanwhile, the staircase attempts to create drama with its prints on the risers and intricate patterned MS railing that breaks the tone of the otherwise monolithic environment.  The design is minimal with certain pop-up elements that easily draws attention. The vestibule leads to the active spaces of the houses namely the drawing, dining and kitchen, linked together as mutually dependent volumes. The green porch overlooking the drawing room adds to the visual appeal.

The lounge on the first floor segregates the two bedrooms creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Sleek windows are highlighted by wooden paneling and the raised platform along with the art on display makes the space look captivating. The lounge on the second floor has funky, chic interiors, yet not much different from the overall concept. The use of colour and leather panels near the son’s room on the second floor adds refinement to the space, in line with today’s generation’s taste.

In the basement, the home theatre with an attached bar is cladded with sound-proof insulation and textured fabric paneling on all sides. The bar serves as a focal design element  with its industrial style table and wooden bar chairs. Rustic wooden knots on the elevated façade of the bar table adds to the overall aesthetics.

Keeping up with the warm ambiance of the house, the sleek furniture selection gravitates towards modern sensibilities with an organic and raw touch using textures. The overall aesthetics offers comfort and satisfies the client’s daily needs while providing just the right ambiance for an Indian household.

Fact File

Name of the project: Sky City

Location: Ahmedabad

Area: 375 sq-m

Design firm: Designer’s Circle

Photographs: Maulik Patel (Inclined Studio)



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