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The house of browns and beiges

Ashok Sharma Architects designs a 3BHK apartment keeping in mind the client’s requirement for a minimalist yet contemporary home

The clean visible lines of the spacious apartment designed by Ashok Sharma Architects catches ones attention immediately. The 3,600 sq-ft apartment is a noteworthy example of a well-sought balance between warmth and design.

The minimalist touch of the design can be experienced upon entering the apartment, stepping into the living area of the house. The living space is exciting and opulent with its contemporary furniture. The circular centre table in the living space breaks the monotony of straight lines. On the right side of the vestibule upon entering is the formal seating space. In the Indian context, a formal seating space of the house is designed for welcoming the guests, hence the placement of the space is done tactically. Upon entering this area, the feature wall of raw travertino stone with the fireplace catches the eye. The stone is not polished so as to exhibit its veracious form. The seating area is in light beige colour, keeping up with the warmth of the area. Highlighting the space is the marble top center table; as well as the pastel coloured chandelier on a walnut brown wooden ceiling.

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The dining area is placed right next to the kitchen and open to the living area, making the entire lobby area look palatial. The area is highlighted with a contemporary chandelier and art pieces. The chairs of the dining table have a art-deco vibe. The subtle palette of browns and beiges in this space is soothing to the eye. The art piece on the wall gives an extra character to the space. The kitchen space is kept very modern with a central workstation made of granite top.

Upon moving towards the passage that leads to the bedrooms, the master bedroom is at the end of the passage, followed by the daughter’s bedroom and the guest bedroom. The master bedroom expresses warmth and grandeur with a statement designer bed. The washroom is designed as a luxurious space, keeping the palette of browns and beiges intact. The daughter’s bedroom is elementary, with an addition of a seating space for reading and relaxing. The washroom features a mosaic feature wall with a jacuzzi. Meanwhile, the guest bedroom is kept cosy and unadorned.

The entire apartment has an ultra-contemporary yet minimalist look. The palette of browns and beiges is the highlight of the apartment design, hence the name – the house of browns and beiges.

Fact File
Design studio: Ashok Sharma Architects
Area: 3,600 sq-ft
Location: Ludhiana
Typology: Residential interior
Year of completion: 2020
Photographs: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj



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