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A sophisticated villa with a contemporary Indian touch

Embassy Interiors showcases their new project where minimalist design is celebrated with a refined palette

Located on a 6,000 sq-ft plot in Adarsh Palm Retreat, the 4,000 sq-ft villa has a minimalistic theme, highlighting a contemporary design. It takes one on a back-to-basics spin, where visual elements are defined based on basic geometric forms and straight lines, staying clear of anything ornate and excessive. Neutral colours like white, black and grey form the primary set, accented by colours like beige, orange and dull bronze. The entire design revolves around minimalistic design without cluttering or shifting the concept which can impact the visual quality.

Designed by Embassy Interiors, the villa is customised to suit every detail befitting the lifestyles of the resident. Right from the architecture, interiors, landscaping, automation and décor to a dynamically-placed life-size Vishnu statue, and corner stone seating, every element is urban, chic, sophisticated and modern, reflecting the personality of the young couple who own the place.

With an open floor plan with minimal wall partitions, the planned décor creates spaces with distinct identities. More emphasis has been given in bringing the entire outdoor inside the villa and to create seamless transition. Strategically placed full height windows offer seamless view of the landscape and the water body.  which is a visual treat for everyone. Tactically located outdoor seating, gazebos and artefacts add to the design.

Embassy Interiors is always inclined towards using locally produced design materials which maximises energy efficiency and are manufactured from rapidly renewable sources. The design team also incorporated energy-efficient lighting in all the designs to minimise artificial lighting. LEDs are used based on the requirement. Light reflecting materials like mirrors and glass are added as the basic design element, which adds to the aesthetic while also facilitating energy conservation.



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