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A “blooming” weekend home

VPA Architects designed the lotus-inspired Tamara Villa on the outskirts of Ahmedabad for a family of four

Tamara translates to ‘a blooming lotus flower’ and signifies purity, enlightenment and self-regeneration. Keeping this in mind, VPA Architects designed a family house that made sure each individual got their own personal niche. The ratio of the built to unbuilt space – plot size 65,900 sq-ft with built area of only 6,250 sq-ft – gave the architects the opportunity to explore landscape as a medium to enhance the charm and beauty of the project.

The villa has a touch of tropical experience, connecting the outdoors and creating a living within a garden typology. The villa has two separate entries, public and private. A grand ceremonial entry leading to the beautiful green lawn is for larger gatherings and parties. Customised lanterns with effects of the mist and the magical combination of fire and water element create a wonderful ambience and gesture on arrival. The private entry to the house is more modest in nature and is inspired by a Balinese house with its traditionally crafted wooden door and a row of palm trees. It opens into a courtyard with a waterbody and a landscaped garden on either side.

This entry leads to a multipurpose room on the right, which is more public in nature, and then to the drawing + living area i.e. the heart of the house, onto the left. The sitting areas open up on both sides to mesmerising garden views. Semi-covered verandahs are provided on either ends of the drawing + living room, which work as a transitional space between the inside and outside. It almost doubles up as a functional space for larger family gatherings. Further ahead the kitchen + dining core in an open floor layout extends into a beautiful courtyard space. The dining table is customised using solid wood, carved in a unique horse shape for the table top. The bright and welcoming colours and indoor plants make this space welcoming.

The bedrooms have been purposefully placed at a distance from each other to ensure privacy. Each bedroom has its own uniqueness where every room opens up into an outdoor space; the master bedroom has a private garden, son’s bedroom opens to a soothing spa and extended garden, and the daughter's bedroom has an internal courtyard. Even the bathrooms have not been neglected, each one has a private courtyard to enhance the epitome of luxury.

The symbol of tamara (designed by VPA) has been uniquely used at various parts of the house, like in the entrance waterbody, screen motifs, furniture pieces, flooring, etc., creating a sense of continuity throughout the house. The flooring in locally available kota stone and steel grey stone with interesting patterns add to the charm of the house. Bright colours along with earthy, rustic tones of browns and greys, both in interior and exterior, resonate with the tropical character of the house. The entire house has a flat roof except the living + drawing core, which has a traditional sloping roof, standing out as a unique element.

Fact file

Name of the project: Tamara Villa
Clients: Sunil Patel and Parul Patel
Location: Ahmedabad
Year of completion: 2019
Gross built area: 6,500 sq-ft
Architecture firm: VPA Architects
Lead architects: Ronak Patel, Jinal Patel and Naiya Patel               
Engineering: SMI Infrastructure
Landscaping: VPA Architects
Photographs: Inclined Studio



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