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Aparna Kaushik unveils stunning foyers

The New Delhi-based architect’s designs offer the most stunning first impressions with their awe-inspiring and imposing features

Magnificent spaces command even more magnificent entrance foyers and lobbies to give a hint of what to expect inside. These foyers and lobbies designed by New Delhi-based architect Aparna Kaushik offer the most stunning first impressions with their awe-inspiring and imposing features.

While these foyers and lobbies sport the finest materials and luxurious finishes, what sets them apart is the manner in which they are employed to create unexpected beauty and spectacle. Some spaces use classic features, while others are contemporary masterpieces.

Striking symmetric perfection envelops you as you behold the captivating concentric pattern flooring in black and white with a round table at the centre, and an exquisite golden chandelier glowing like a jewel right above. The two stylishly curved ottomans complement the setting beautifully.

A modern light fashioned like a beautiful bloom hanging in the middle of the lobby is matched by a bunch of flowers on a classic round table right below in a joyful reception.

The entrance lobby from the poolside is guided by sculptural planters, as an accent ottoman, side table and a bright artwork add enough design elements.

Rich wood panelling and a luxurious carpet add layers of interest to this monotone lobby decorated with a modern light and an ottoman with a back support shaped like a flower.

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