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The Framed Chimera

This luxury 4BHK apartment in Gurugram uses an earthy palette to perfection

The Framed Chimera is a 4BHK apartment located in Gurugram. The apartment by default came with huge terraces attached to the rooms. The client’s brief to Studio Intrigue was simple and obvious – to turn it into a ‘non-apartment’, and to bring in as much natural light as possible. Since the project is located in a gated community, the association and its guidelines allowed minimum changes. This became the starting point & driving force of the project: minimum intervention & maximum impact. With careful use of an earthy palette and brick textures, the design team managed to achieve a simple and spacious home.

Designed with a minimalist theme, The Framed Chimera is a luxury apartment. The linear passage reveals the spaces one at a time. A certain design anticipation is built by the framed lights and doorways –leading to different areas of the apartment.

A play of textures and light colours, offset by the softness of wood yields large spaces, which open into the sprawling balconies.

The three bedroom apartment creates an illusion of space, with utilitarian furniture designed specifically for each corner, niche and wall. Each element has been designed to enhance the spatial quality of the house.

All the furniture installed in the apartment was bespoke and designed specifically to match the apartment ambience and material palette. For instance, a hardwood sliding door with visible hardware becomes the centre point of the dining area. Pastels and minimal prints used in the upholstery balance the earthiness and give the apartment a bold, contemporary look.

Fact File

Name of the project: The Framed Chimera

Typology: Apartment Design

Location: Gurugram

Area: 4,000 sq-ft

Duration: 6 months

Date of completion: March 2020

Principal designers: Devyani Gupta & Nehit Vij

Design team: Ghananand Pokhriyal, Priyanka Choudhary, Gajendra

Furniture design: Studio Intrigue

Construction: Studio Intrigue

Photographs: Devyani Gupta



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