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An exquisite residential project in Raipur

Azure Interiors creates the perfect setting to accommodate the wishes of the clients

For this residence in Raipur, the brief given to Azure Interiors was to design a house for a family of five members – three adults and two children. Since the family has a large group of friends and extended family, they preferred an expansive living room to accommodate large gatherings. A small yet spacious drawing room for intimate gatherings with an opulent ambience was also created. In addition, for easy access to the kitchen, the clients preferred a partially-open kitchen, which could be fully closed during intimate gatherings. Since they have two kids, who love being around nature, the clients desired a vast garden space for the young ones to play. Also, the family loves watching movies together, and thus had a home theatre on their list of requirements.

Besides accommodating the above functional needs, the designers picked a colour palette that consists of clean neutral colours with a tinge of gold and black in the living room, guest room and master bedroom, balanced with veneer throughout. The mother's room was designed keeping in mind a classic vintage ambience with white walls, printed tiles in blue and mustard, and cane and wooden furniture, which she loved.

For Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani, founders of Azure Interiors, the most interesting aspect of designing the home was that it was an old bungalow with a classical semi-circular living area, which formed the most striking part of the entire house. “We made a lot of major changes all over the house, but couldn’t disturb the round wall. The whole idea behind all civil changes was to bring in a lot of sunlight in each area, with optimum use of every inch of the house; we were able to make it look breathable and spacious,” say the designers.

Of course, the most challenging part was to bring in natural sunlight into the house without disturbing any parts of the structure. The duo incorporated windows in the curved duplex wall on the east so that the morning light travels inside the house. Keeping in mind modern interiors and low maintenance, they designed the 27' wall with stone cladding and Italian marble.



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