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OYM sports the innovative ASB GlassFloor

The sports centre in Switzerland offers athletes perfect training and competition conditions

Glass sports floors continue to conquer the halls of the world. From the University of Oxford in England, the modern BallsportARENA in Dresden, the small inclusion school ACPEI in Chalons-en-Champagne, France, to the latest project, the high-performance sports centre OYM (On Your Marks) in Cham, Switzerland – more and more building owners are relying on the extraordinary and sustainable innovation of the Bavarian company ASB GlassFloor.

Near Zurich, the most modern training centre in the world has now been completed and stands ready to take top-class sports in Switzerland to the next level. At the OYM high-tech sports centre, the ASB MultiSports floor by ASB GlassFloor offers athletes perfect training and competition conditions over an area of roughly 1,400 sq-m. The individual LED game lines can be controlled via touchscreen and thus the individual field markings of the sports handball, basketball, badminton, volleyball and hockey can be switched on and off. The great confusion of game lines finally is a thing of the past.

The certified sports floor is FIBA accredited, approved for professional sports and meets the requirements of the European norm EN 14904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors. Not only because of its longevity, the ASB MultiSports is becoming increasingly popular in times of sustainability, but also because of its joint-gentle properties, which is much appreciated and recognised by athletes.

As world market leader in the construction of Squash courts, ASB has decades of know-how in glass work. Christof Babinsky, managing director of ASB GlassFloor, shares, “The OYM project bets on the latest standards in all areas so as to create perfect conditions for their athletes. We are very pleased that we as ASB GlassFloor with our MultiSports floor can contribute to this.”

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