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A contemporary club with ancient inspirations

Ishwar Gehi Architect designs the Aarya Club inspired by pyramids and Indian super structures

Be it Egyptians in the Middle East, Hindus in South Asia, or even Mayans in South America, a pyramid, universally, has been a symbol of harmonious integration of an individual with their soul. Aarya Club in Rajkot, designed by Ishwar Gehi Architect, embraces the pyramid typology and it’s inherent spiritual attributes. The composition of the pyramids at different elevations carries certain regularity, assigning a different programme to each pyramid.

With the club constituting of entertainment, leisure activities, most of the club areas are surrounded by massive corridors with majestic views of the monumental pyramids, embracing also principles of awe-inspiring ancient Indian superstructures.

The club is laid out in an L-shape, keeping in mind the inclusiveness factor when it comes to various community celebrations. All the areas of the club are surrounded by eight feet wide corridors, providing multiple access to each area and maximising flexibility and functionality of the space.

The seven multi-level pyramids comprising glass and steel structure (dimensions: 60' X 60' X 42.5') are distributed throughout the club sitting at different heights, with ground floor pyramids comprising reception, restaurant and pre-function areas. The high tech components required to erect these pyramids were manufactured locally in the city of Rajkot.

A number of areas in the club including corridors and and some pyramids are designed as per the directions of the wind flow, thus reducing dependency on mechanical cooling systems. Similarly the game zones and cafeteria feature massive openings that are linked to the surrounding landscape and a large swimming pool.

The club comprises extensive open spaces, be it corridors that are only partitioned by columns or vast terraces on every floor. The one pyramid on top floor in center of building functions as an ultra-luxury honeymoon suite.

Fact file

Name of the project: Aarya Club

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

Client: Aaryaraj Club and Resorts

Design team: Ishwar Gehi Architect

Structural consultants: Manish Doshi

Consultants: Aqua Utility Designs and Management



21 Aug, 2020
The festival will return as a live event in June 2021
18 Aug, 2020
The auction will offer one of MF Husain’s most exceptional compositions titled ‘Voices’
14 Aug, 2020
The session will see renowned architects deliberate on the building material’s versatility and use in design