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A modern high-tech haveli

Arredatore Design Studio presents a traditional home with modern aspirations

Arredatore Design Studio designed a residential project located in a 45-storied tall residential complex in Kolkata. The studio curated a palatial lifestyle in this high-rise. The client wanted a multi generational home that would follow the traditional aspects of design for his octogenarian parents along with the concoction of modernity enriched with technology for his teenage kids. The design process was inspired by the havelis of Rajasthan, the client’s hometown. The design depicts a traditional style that boasts of a rich, warm and inviting feel. Statement pieces of wooden furniture with ornamented batali and carving work adorn the living and dining area along with the parents’ room.

The studio played with seven elements of designs – space, line, form, light, colour, textures and pattern. The base of the furniture lies in Mahogany wood and veneers with high gloss PU finish complemented with semi precious stones and high end Italian marbles to give it a rich and elegant finish. Curved elements are combined with straight lines in a transitional style interior to deliver a look that balances both masculine and feminine attributes for a comfortable and relaxing, uncomplicated design. The design focuses on comfort and practicality to meet the urban lifestyle of the client. To enhance the classic look, Italian marble cladding was chosen for the walls of the living and dining area. Also a balanced mix of textures have been incorporated in the foyer and corridor.

In the 5,205 sq-ft apartment, the living, dining and den cover an expansive 1,200 sq-ft. The design bifurcates the den from the living room with an automated sliding partition of wooden perforated screen and sandblasted glass. The den, kids room and master bedroom have a contemporary look with a holistic approach. The colour palettes are neutral, subtle and bright, where the pivotal role of the accent colour has been played by gold and golden finishes, in keeping with the haveli concept.

The house features automation and security, including Google Home, which can be used to control curtains and access control automated doors along with cameras in the entire apartment. The meeting of technology with traditional aesthetics signifies the three generations living in perfect harmony. The entire process of design and execution along with in-house handcrafted furniture was completed within nine months.



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