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Maple Bear makes learning fun and engaging

Designed by The First Ferry, the learning centre is a bright, cheerful space for young minds

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind. However, research says that the younger the mind,
the easier it is to impress. Maple Bear, a custom-built early learning center at the Business Bay, Dubai, envisages capturing the attention of young minds with bright, cheery, and carefully designed learning spaces. It was crafted, curated, and designed by
The First Ferry, a boutique architecture and interior design firm. Maple Bear has been designed to create environments where learning opportunities are primed.

Maple Bear combines the best of Canadian education practices to bring bilingual early childhood, elementary
and high school education to students around the world. With over 400 schools in more than 16 countries, Maple Bear is the trusted choice of parents of over 40,000 students preparing for lifelong success in learning through the excellence of Canadian methodology that nurtures 21st century skills.

Maple Bear at the Business Bay is a bespoke work of art carefully curated and crafted by The First Ferry.
The Early Learning program’s warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment is designed to support the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of infants while developing positive and healthy attitudes towards a setting outside of the home. The design blends perfectly in allowing the kids to explore, think, and learn by doing things.

Each room is custom-built - keeping the spirit of the course at its core. The rooms are crafted with care
and attention to minor details keeping in mind that creativity has to flow and be inspiring to the young ones too. From the hand painted ceilings to lovingly crafted play areas, The First Ferry strives to provide the perfect atmosphere for the toddlers to grow.



25 Aug, 2020
Renowned architects came together to deliberate on the building material’s versatility and use in design
21 Aug, 2020
The festival will return as a live event in June 2021
18 Aug, 2020
The auction will offer one of MF Husain’s most exceptional compositions titled ‘Voices’