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A weekend home in Surat

The detail-oriented space by Ishaan Design was curated to be luxurious and yet personable for the different members of the family

Ishaan Design showcases the enthralling aura of a Surat-based apartment designed by them. The 4BHK apartment boasts of extensive material exploration and extreme craftsmanship, with a paramount eye for detail. The space is designed for the eminent industrialist Vatsal Naik, who demanded a residence that could be used as a weekend crib and to entertain outstate business guests.

The entrance door itself speaks of its user's affluent persona with a charcoal sheet paneling in cream and gold that terminates at the ceiling, with a Corian jali as a porthole. The living room is vast and spacious with an artistic character, imparting a feel of luxury and glamour. The muted cream walls set the character of the room, while the aureate strips on the ceiling and sofa sets show a glimpse of luxury. The dining bay is an art by itself, with a square table and suave dining
chairs. The whole bay is accented by the use of a Hichko, which can face outwards towards the window or face the dining as and when needed. This symphony is backed by an open, Wes Anderson style kitchen acting as an extension of this space.

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The master bedroom is a lavish space with an amalgamation of masculine and feminine features - evident from the robust backrest of the opulent floating bed mingled with Corian jali. The other bedrooms are designed as per each occupants' request. The overall emotion of coziness that emanates from the bedrooms is a stark contrast from the opulence of the other rooms. The daughter’s room is designed with provisions to flaunt her luxurious collection of bags and extensive book collection, hidden in a book cabinet camouflaged by the headboard. The son’s bedroom is draped in pastel colours that accentuate the calm and meditative atmosphere. The grandparent’s room follows a minimalistic and serene approach, resulting in a tranquil space.

Fact file

Name of the project: Residence at Rajhans Maxima
Firm: Ishaan Design
Location: Surat
Principal architect & interior designer: Urja Desai & Pratham Desai
Photographs: Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala
Text: Calvin G



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