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A nature infused home

Designed as a responsive home by The Arch Studio, the Pune-based home blends landscape design, architecture and interiors harmoniously

The Arch Studio, a young multi-disciplinary design studio, recently completed a luxury project in Pune, called the Nature Infused Home. It is an open and clutter-free space with minimum partitions or internal walls. The client requested for an amalgamation of raw and modern. The client's brief was a responsive home, dissolving the traditional boundaries of separate rooms and merging all spaces – living, dining and verandah. The open plan was designed to encourage the family in spending quality time with each other.

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“Coexistence” is a prevalent concept that the firm’s designs are based on, especially in the context of landscape design, architecture and interior planning. The concept is spelled out by clean lines, a minimalistic approach, expensive glass façades and muted colour palettes. Such are the hallmarks of this nature-infused home. The glass façades of the verandah make the living spaces feel like they are part of the landscape even when inside the house. Users can also experience a refreshing view while entering the house.

Bringing in light and nature inside the home was achieved beautifully, keeping in mind that one needs to destress just by gazing outside the windows. The motto while designing was, less visual clutter leads to less mental clutter – inspired by the three famous words uttered by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the ultimate master of minimalism: “Less is more”.

The Arch Studio believes in form follows function, keeping in mind the use of varied materials, approach to colour while keeping the vibrancy and energy as central. At the heart of the studio is its mission to create extraordinary spaces, not only visually but to all senses.



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