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Photographs: Shamanth Patil J

Dakshin – a project with a heart

Signa Design champion South Indian elements to create an arty abode

Fusing modern-day interiors with a touch of cultural flavour comes naturally to Signa Design. Established in 2007 by Darshana Patel and Rashmin Perla, Signa Design is a Bengaluru-based company that curates personalised opulent spaces. Signa Design synthesises uber-chic luxury, while keeping the enchantment of the client’s desire alive.

As the luxury space is engineering novel ways to curate localised experiences during the new normal, Signa Design is going ‘vocal for local’. The company introduced the concept of amalgamating world-class interior designing with the ethos of local markets and artisans, without compromising on quality and the overall look and impact.

The designers have articulated the quintessential tradition of South Indian heritage through their residential framework for the Dakshin project, which signifies the sun and the tropics infinitely. Going ‘vocal for local’ brings the allure of vintage charm by delving into details of southern material culture in this two-storey luxury villa that includes four bedrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen and a TV lounge.

Starting from the decorative rangoli at the entrance door to private-resting spaces inspired by the Mysore Maharajas, the all-new vision by Signa Design weaves fine details into the interiors of this residential bungalow.

Each of its spaces ooze a southern-styled aesthetic replete with brass bells, reconditioned bull heads, Oonjal, and marigold poufs — all imparting the aura of local traditions. The design of each bedroom, dining hall, kitchen — executed to imbibe local handlooms, wall art, cultural patterns in textiles and wardrobe — channel a rich and distinctive South Indian flavour. The kitchen and the study areas are built in such a way that they check all the Vastu Shastra details.

The use of ethnic colours, organic duvets, classic bed designs, window frames, and folkloric handicrafts, lend body and beauty to the architectural references. Giving a luxe makeover to the space, this project is the perfect blend of a contemporary chic and traditional ambience.

The vision was to provide traditional South Indian culture and heritage in a nutshell to a contemporary home, where togetherness can be cherished in an ethnic environment. The intent was to furnish the space in such a way that each element of the house exudes exceptional elegance. By imparting the rhythms of cultural vibrancy in intimate spaces, the concept is aimed at recreating a traditional aesthetic charm at the clients’ dream home.



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