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MADS Creations unveils a bespoke dining space

The gorgeous stone dining table with a richly veined stone top and base takes centre stage

Gurgaon-based luxury interior concepts and custom design company MADS Creations has unveiled a bespoke dining space that welcomes you with its grace and warmth to create memorable moments for you and your family.

Elevate the art of dining to new enchanting heights with a stunning setting full of exquisite elements and hues that come together in a coherent manner. The entire environment is suffused with beauty and elegance with a luxurious flooring and pastel walls subtly decorated with delicate mouldings. A vibrant painting on one side and a collection of organic-shaped mirrors with gold rims on the other adorn the walls.

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The gorgeous stone dining table with a richly veined stone top and a base created using the same stone, and metal finished in gold, takes centre stage. The supremely stylish and comfortable chairs in a sober shade complement the table perfectly. Custom created for the space, the furniture simply enhances the whole look.

The modern, geometric-shaped light, coupled with the wall scones, infuses the space with a gentle and sophisticated mood. The choicest table-top accessories and dinnerware add just the right details, completing the picture-perfect look.



22 Sep, 2020
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21 Sep, 2020
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15 Sep, 2020
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