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An open and green city residence

Limehouse Design Studio lends this Mumbai home a fresh perspective

Subtle sophistication brought about with an open, light, and spacious layout, use of clean crisp lines, conformism to neutral colours and assimilation of curated art pieces, sets the tone at this contemporary home. The Mumbai apartment is awash with natural light that streams in through the French windows in all the rooms. Being situated on the 15th floor, the flat affords a superb view of the green and open spaces around.

In keeping with the airy and natural surroundings, while drawing inspiration from the lovely mangroves in the vicinity to the green walkways full of plants and trees, the designers infused the home with bespoke woodwork that acts as the highlight of this home. To achieve this, civil changes that resulted in opening the layout were carried out. The wall opposite the entrance door – with the kitchen on the other side – was taken down and replaced with an open grid like wooden installation acting as a partition and at the same time a vertical garden holding plants. Similarly, a dried tree acted as a backdrop to the dining area. The creation of these bespoke signature pieces involved extensive woodwork and treatment before they could transition into strong & sturdy structures.

To ensure that the space benefitted from the natural air and light flowing into the house – the designers concentrated on creating more open spaces, without using any bulky furniture and keeping neutral or pastel tones throughout. Since the family required only three bedrooms and the layout provided an extra half room, they redrew the plan and brought in the extra space into both the living room and the child’s room to create more spacious and open areas to move about. It also helped bring in some more playing area and a day bed in the child’s room.

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The balcony was made to retain the charm of an extended veranda, but also offer the option of a combined area with the living room seating – a perfect solution for those extended family gatherings and get togethers with friends.

The master bedroom was designed to offer a luxurious, functional, and artistic retreat for the couple. With a bed-to-ceiling headboard flanked by wooden shelves on either side, it added both storage and aesthetics. A corner to lounge by the window was created with an accent chair and great views on the side.

The child’s room was designed for a chirpy eight-year-old girl and is replete with a full-length wardrobe/ built-in study on one side of the room and a raised poster bed on the other side. The designers also managed to add a day bed by the French window and a full-length dressing/ mirror next to the bed. All this was achieved without compromising on the play area in the room – through the extra space they got by shifting a wall that resulted in an open layout.

The mandate for the parents’ room was to keep the hues and textures sober, and incorporate a functional space to install a temple. This was done though a niche carved into the floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, permitting adequate space for the installation.

This city abode is truly fascinating in how it manages to bring the outdoors, indoors

Fact File
Name of the project: The Trees
Typology: Residential Apartment Interior
Clients: Hitesh Goel & Kirti Gupta
Location: Mumbai
Carpet area: 1,100 sq-ft
Year of completion: 2020
Interior design: Limehouse Design Studio
Principal designer: Tanushree Lakhotia
Photographs: Biju Gopal



15 Sep, 2020
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11 Sep, 2020
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