The design focuses on highlighting the copper-tinted natural light by using the metal for furnishings and fixtures
The design focuses on highlighting the copper-tinted natural light by using the metal for furnishings and fixtures

Pooja Bihani designs The Coppertone Home, a luxurious apartment in Kolkata

Spaces & Design by Pooja Bihani creates a unique, copper-tinted residential project

Set in the somnolent inner lanes of Kolkata, The Coppertone Home derives its name from the naturally copper-tinted sunshine that illuminates the site. The 3,000sq-ft site, situated on the first floor and surrounded by beautiful trees, has an amazing play of light, shade and shadow during different times of the day. The hues inspired the design studio to highlight this unusual aesthetic, giving birth to the concept behind The Coppertone Home.

The design approach revolved around harnessing the tinted light. The decision to avoid an overly contemporary look was a conscious one made by the design team, comprising Bihani, Subhasis Sau and Soumadip Mondal. Two terraces at the apartment level were utilised for their light quality and create a beautiful ambience with a view of the trees around. The relative quiet of the site, free from the cacophony of traffic, eases the transition into the home, which has copper panelling in the foyer.

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This metal has been extensively customised and used throughout the apartment in various elements of furniture and fixtures such as the lights, ceiling fan, mirror frame, inlays, grills, hardware, etc. The serene puja area with a muted arch and suspended copper lights looks ethereal. Traditional copper ghadiyas, that hold a special significance in the Hindu tradition, have been crafted to form the legs of the puja unit. The rustic shade has also been used to create elegant contrasts, as seen in the master bathroom and adjacent walk-in closet, which feature customised rose gold and copper fittings set against black.

The curved furniture adds an element of playfulness to the circulation

The elaborate shaped headboard in the master bedroom, with muted wallpaper covering portions of the wall, adds glamour. The centrally placed curved sofas with a circular rug are completely bespoke, and free the circulation space around without creating any disturbance. The theme of circular furniture is followed in the shape of the day bed, dining-table and ceiling fans, which impart a sense of informality and playfulness to the sophisticated interiors. They lend a certain character to the space, in keeping with one of the cardinal rules of designing spaces, ‘Form follows feeling’ – architect Pramod Beri.  

Whether it is the plum colour in the guest room, with the arched aqueduct themed wallpaper or the yellow, taupe and white tones in the children’s room; elements of copper continue to make both subtle and overt reappearances. The furniture and furnishings sourced from Europe and Kolkata are integrated seamlessly into the tone and ambience of the house.

Bihani graduated as a gold medalist from the College of Architecture, Kolhapur, Maharashtra in 1999. She started her career with Sunil Tainwala of Aarteg as a designer in 2000 and began her own practice, Space & Design, six years later. Over the past decade, her studio has created a diverse portfolio in residential, commercial and lifestyle interiors and architecture in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune and Odisha.



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