The lounge is adorned with three glass globes, fitted with handmade components
The lounge is adorned with three glass globes, fitted with handmade components

Sans Souci lights up Resorts World Jeju, South Korea

Sans Souci, bespoke lighting company, designs for Shinhwa World Resort in South Korea

Situated on Jeju Island, designated as a site of significance by UNESCO in 2010, the Jeju Shinhwa World project is rapidly becoming one of South Korea’s largest integrated resorts (spanning 2.5 million sq-m) since its inauguration in April 2017. The task of illuminating the entrance to the establishment was given to Sans Souci. The space accommodated the reception area, lounge and foyer. Famed for combining creative designs with dexterity to fill iconic spaces with the dynamic beauty of glass and crystal, Sans Souci lived up to its reputation.

In collaboration with Wilsons Associates, Sans Souci selected a palette of autumn hues and natural shapes to accentuate the overall ambience of the interior decor and to ensure a cohesive theme amongst its glass artworks. The principal light installation of the project, Crystal Rain, imitates a gentle rain that appears to be showering the trees positioned underneath. Comprising 2,900 handcrafted glass pieces, the sheer scale of this work is impressive. The contrasting effects of the transparent crystal, nano-coated and mother-of-pearl adorned components merit admiration as well.

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'Crystal Rain', comprising 2,900 glass pieces, imitates a gentle rain

The firm chose spheres, inspired by the image of a field of Canola flowers, to adorn the lounge. Three glass globes, fitted with handmade components in various shades of amber are complemented by those with a golden metallic finish to convey a luxurious feel.

The third design is made up of delicate objects evoking leaves fluttering in the autumn wind. Made of sandblasted glass with mother-of-pearl touches, each unique piece is deftly attached on wire strands so that the ensemble constitutes a wave. The resulting sculpture displays a dynamic quality, revitalising the two opposing reception areas.

Sans Souci is a Czech designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features. Its speciality is original architectural features, such as railings, stairways, tables, skylights, columns and others. Its glass-makers are able to create beautiful designer works from the batch, turning the ideas and concepts of designers into final products. Besides traditional production methods, Sans Souci puts emphasis on innovation in design and production, continuously developing new technologies for its original ideas. The production takes place in North Bohemia, a world-renowned glass-making region associated with the most significant phases of the development of the craft in the Czech Republic as well as in the whole of Europe.



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