The living room is divided into the living and dining space
The living room is divided into the living and dining space

Luxurious apartment with a view in Mumbai, designed by Asumi Rawat

This six-bedroom apartment in the heart of Mumbai enjoys incredible views of the sea, and the designer has used this to advantage

Spread across 7,500sq-ft, the sea-facing apartment is done up with grandiose flair, peppered with modern design elements - something that we all appreciate in our own homes. Every one of the six bedrooms and the living areas have an ornamental focal point woven into the visual story of the space. Whether it’s the design on the walls or the unconventional colour combinations or the pops of quirk in the bathrooms, it all comes together to draw the eye in, without being overpowering.

Home to the quintessential Indian joint family, designer Asumi Rawat has ensured that the individual rooms in the home bear the distinctive preferences of their owners, each with its own defining elements and, of course, a sea-facing balcony to boot! Rawat has also used accent pieces like floral armchairs in the living room, quirky mirror frames in the bathrooms, and extended headboard walls to break the visual monotony and add interesting twists to the design.

The living room is divided into the living and dining space. An interesting combination of teal-coloured sofas in brass finish with a white backlit onyx wall adds the wow factor. A clever use of wine colour is used to break the monotony of plain teal and white combination.

The main door is a double door – a panelled door in coloured lamination. The moment you enter the site, you see this huge wall mirror…and the passage leads you to the first bedroom, which is done in a combination of wood – blush- mint green. The flooring is in Michelangelo marble, which is offset by a beautiful chest of drawers crafted with different types of carvings on the drawer front. The chest of drawers is used to accommodate the electronic equipment.

The bathroom attached to this room displays a beautiful use of mango onyx and white marble. The bathroom caddy is interesting, as it has a long cabinet with fluted glass and the storage below the counter has wonderful white lamination work on it. The onyx is backlit, and the material is procured from Classic Marble. The sanitary fittings are from Kohler.

The colour combination used in the kitchen is Burberry beige marble on the floor, and a lovely highlighter tile on the wall in a sea green colour. Kalinga has been used for the counter top, which is an artificial material from Classic Marble. The cabinets are made on site and are finished with egg white lamination.

There are totally six bedrooms, apart from the living and dining rooms, the kitchen and the utility room. Each apartment has its own private lift lobby, which is an elegant space with a beautiful chandelier. The wall is cladded with Travertine marble with Armani grey marble on the floor. The wall décor is black with beautiful gold leaves, and the seating is in teal colour.



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