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EnRoot Amroha serves as a sweet escape from the city’s chaos

Sitting amidst serene sprawling greens within an area of 20 acres, the restaurant designed by Studio Svarup captures the spirit of the rural landscape to nurture a homely environment

Drenching you in a feeling of being back to the roots, through the use of grains, textures and unevenness inherent in locally-sourced constituent materials and inspiration from the traditional arts, crafts and culture is this eatery. Bringing about an earthy feeling with its closeness to nature, huge openings and beautiful landscape, a visit here will help to make your experience of Amroha memorable.


The use of louvers on the south, east and west side is done to partially block the harsh sun and simultaneously let in the cool breeze. Using material salvaged from scrap wood blocks, the parallel horizontal lines of the louvers running around the building hold together the composition, while lending it a serene Zen-like character. The exterior walls sport ochre-coloured plaster, applied unevenly by hand, creating a finish alluding to the mud-plastered village house. The choice of integrally coloured cement mix gives the required finishing of mud plaster for the place, without compromising on the durability and, at the same time, eliminating the need for exterior paint.


The architect made it a point to extensively employ local craftsmanship in the interiors, and worked directly with the 'kumhaar' (potter) and the 'baan karigar' (rope-weave craftsmen) to develop unique hand-crafted elements for the interiors. Earthenware such as 'kullad' and 'matkas' are used in unconventional ways as decorative elements, jute panels suspended from the ceiling hold LED downlights, and balls of 'sutli' rope are used as lamps. The furniture was fabricated out of up-cycled scrap wood, carefully designed to attain proper comfort and finish. A large Warli painting draws attention, which essentially summarises the entire theme of the restaurant - rural life, as a big celebration in contrast to the busy urban chaotic scenario. Pretty niches are created in the walls by thoughtfully placing pieces of pottery along with local seedlings to accentuate the whole village experience.


Enroot exhibits sustainability - not only by using local materials, but also by uplifting and adding value to the crafts of the region, by collaborating with the local craftspersons and presenting their craft to the world in innovative ways.

Client: Anekant Group
Location: on NH24, Azadpur Mafi, Distt. Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India
Built-up area: 1,500sq-ft
Principal architect: Arnav Mathur 
Team: Divyaa Saxena, Siddharth Bansal 
Design firm: Studio Svarup



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