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Icon specialises in designing interior spaces

With nearly 20 years of experience, principal designer Amit Porwal has worked on a variety of commercial, luxury residential, retail and hospitality projects

Anil Grover | Kolkata| 1,080 Sq.ft

''Design is deeper than Self belief'' strongly determines the philosophy of principal designer Amit Porwal, an Interior designer born and brought up in Mumbai. He is an alumnus of highly-Rachna Sansad's School of Interior Design and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management holding a diploma in interior design and construction management respectively. IPIPL (Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd) was established in 2003 in Mumbai before expanding its regional office in Kolkata as well.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the design world, Porwal has worked on a variety of commercial, luxury residential, retail and hospitality projects Pan India with its footprints in almost 14 states of the country and overseas. Having enjoyed the experience of working around the world, Porwal has developed an innate style of relaxed sophistication, combining modernism with vintage finds, ethnic pieces and fine art.

Anil Grover | Kolkata| 1,080 Sq.ft

 Porwal's passion lies in stretching the conceptual possibilities of every project and looking into every last detail. The multifaceted designer has also been a visiting faculty at several design schools and on the jury of awards.


The Interior design consultancy and build firm was founded in 2003 in Mumbai before expanding to Kolkata. Today the company is led by the astute vision and passion of its principal designer Amit Porwal. For the past 15 years, the firm has been infusing a distinctive appeal into Commercial, Residential, Retail, Health clubs, Hospitality and Luxury interior projects in India and around the world.

Vineet Agarwal | Kolkata | 3,700 Sq.ft

IPIPL has a team of 30 plus members from diverse backgrounds including disciplines like interior design, furniture design, 3D visualisers, site coordinators, finance team, procurement team, business development and management. The firm takes pride in associating with illustrious local and international creatives to develop out-of-the-ordinary projects. Thanks to the brand’s deeply contextual approach to design with every client as well as the environs, IPIPL has several renowned local and international awards and accolades to its credit. 



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