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Facilis designs Jain's Abode

Architects Vaibhav Shah and Gauri Shah of Facilis describe this 1,200sq-ft residence as 'a chromatic vibration'

Facilis, an architecture and interior design studio founded by architects Vaibhav Shah and Gauri Shah in the year 2002, offers services in the field of master planning, architecture and interior design with project management. The firm has a portfolio of architectural work that ranges from bungalows to bungalow schemes, farm houses and villas for HNIs, single residential buildings to high-rise residential buildings, residential complexes, commercial buildings to corporate houses. Their interior work ranges from high-end lifestyle apartments, duplexes, penthouses, bungalows, villas, farmhouses, show flats for developers, small, medium, and large offices to corporate houses. They have completed over 250 projects and have over 80 clients all over India - in places like Kutch, Lonavala, Goa, Pune, Matheran.

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Among the completed projects is Jain's Abode, a 1,200sq-ft residence that Facilis describes as 'a chromatic vibration'. Every design by Team Facilis, they insist, "is developed through specific and never-ending research of more than 10 years which allows us to explore the world of colours and surfaces in unprecedented ways. We have combined various elements on the floor and walls emphasised by the play of lights to define the aesthetics of this home."

The soft peachy pink is combined with the strong, calm, midnight blue flanked by the glamorous copper mirror in the daughter’s room as well as in the bathroom. This amounts to a distinctive feminine combo.

'Wear it on your sleeves' is the theme for the happening son’s room, where all his favourite things are evident. The cheery mood of the blossoming season marks the master bedroom. The latent jade and red are a breath of fresh air, compared to the conventional colours, and the bathroom echoes the same theme with the warmth of wood.

The living room has knitted veneer panels fusing into the doors, while the stark white canvas of the marble offsets every element.

Project details:
Name: Jain’s Abode
Project area: 1,200sq-ft.
Project completion year: 2019
Principal architects: Vaibhav Shah & Gauri Shah.
Project head: Supriya Jadhav
Photo credit: Ravi Kanade.


'Facilis' translates into effortless. Their tagline ‘creativity with zero opacity’ expresses their innovative design approach with transparent dealings. They give importance to the aspects of honesty, integrity, transparency, customer-centric designs and service. Team building and knowledge sharing are vital to this organisation. They believe that business is relationship. Customer feedback and customer care are essential parts of their after-sales services which focuses on customer satisfaction and helps in their RND. The trust of their client is their 'real earning'. The entire team practices tolerance and patience along with research and innovation.

Facilis believes in setting trends by their designs. Globe trotting is their attitude, which adds a distinct style to their creations. Their stand on defying beliefs and conventions, governs their skill. All through their work, the nucleas is always the 'client'. 



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