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Zafar Chaudhary's A-Class installation at DesignX

Dynamic simplicity best describes the artful installation created by the architect for A-Class Marble

Design and its trends are ever changing and in a constant state of flux; so it comes down to every organisation or individual to create a design statement that sets them apart.

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Any individual or a group of individuals can create a design statement through their work that speaks of their brand. To craft an exhibit which does all that and funnels a viewer’s attention towards itself, requires far more work as well as wit.

A-Class Marble, one of the trendsetters in the surfaces industry, collaborated with architect Zafar Chaudhary to create a consummate design statement with their installation at the DesignX – Festival of Art, Craft, Architecture and Design Etymologies, hosted in New Delhi in September.

Envisioned as a representation of their status as one of the leaders in the surfaces industry in India, it also displayed their ingenuity and sensibility for design and aesthetics. The installation’s structure and design were that of simplicity, letting the materials do the talking. The layout was kept open, with easy entry and viewpoints on three of the four sides of the rectangular installation, in order to capture the viewer’s eye from all points.

Nature is complex and diverse, and is driven by many unique factors. Inspired by nature, the installation - titled Juxtapose - created a statement that synchronises with perfect harmony between the natural and the manmade materials. With pillars that seem to sway inward and then outward with their tilted positioning, the dynamism of the booth has been achieved with simplicity, while augmenting the installation with a sculptural aesthetic.

Architect Zafar Chaudhary views his A-Class installation

For the flooring, an elegant marble named ‘Lasa White’ from the brand's Signature collection, that is known for its exceptionally pure, snow-white colour, has been applied to highlight the evergreen serenity and luxury that a white marble provides. This articulation of space is enhanced by the stainless steel roof and the pillars which are crafted using Cinder Resin from the brand's dynamic surface range – Fiandre.

The wall has been curated using the book-matched ‘Blue Jeans’ marble from the Exotica collection which is ideal for wall cladding. With the elegant marble serving as the perfect background to the flooring, this installation manifests itself with great harmony, dynamism and aesthetic sensibility.

Ramesh Bhandari from A-Class Marble



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