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Quirk Studio designs KWAN's office

Interior designers Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera of Quirk Studio use a blend of minimalism and vibrancy to lend character to the office space

Situated in the heart of tumult and bustle that is native to suburban Mumbai, is the office space of Kwan - a space which is vibrant, energetic yet minimal and functional. The brief from the client was to create a space that felt young, fresh and vibrant yet minimal and uncluttered, thus reflecting their brand identity. The office space has been cleverly segmented into different zones, each catering to various functions in the organisation.

The reception was designed with a focus on simplicity and elegance. The white interiors of the reception are reinforced by the subtle pops of greys through the furniture, while the wooden highlighter wall featuring a herringbone pattern catches the eye through its rich wooden patterns. Moving further through the space, the viewer is greeted with bright wooden doors and a pale blue wallpaper with cartographic motifs, juxtaposed with minimalistic furniture. This plays along to the theme of vibrancy and minimalism, a beautiful balancing act between the decorative and the pragmatic.

Within the office space are two dedicated conference rooms, with different functions and designs. The first conference room sits parallel to the workspace for Kwan’s employees, with its walls decorated in a beautiful black-and-white wallpaper which manifests itself harmoniously with the minimal furniture and the matching wooden flooring and conference table. Separating the conference room from the rest of the office space without full exclusion, is a beautiful red-tinted glass running across the length of the room, adding another vibrant element to the room while keeping it in full view of the workplace.

The second conference room is a departure from the overall space and design of the office, with a closed layout and a much more reserved aesthetic, with the walls adorned by hues of grey and the wooden conference table adding vibrancy to the space.

This balance of minimalism and vibrancy has been explored further in the design of the office, with minimal interiors being embellished with posters of iconic movies, pop culture icons, and other graphics - bringing colour and a different aesthetic to the space. The workspace for Kwan is in an open bullpen format, which encourages communication and collaboration. The overall interiors of the bullpen are bright and energetic, but also minimal in its elements and embellishments. The rest room, like the rest of the space, is simple in its design with décor breaking the minimalistic streak.

The dining space is vibrant with hues of blue and yellow, but also contains minimal and modern furniture, augmented with pendant lights. The highlight of this space is, however, the textured feature wall, completed in colours of faded blue, with quirky cutlery art signifying the function of this space. Overall, the office space is a ballet of minimalism and vibrancy, a balance of the artistic and the simplistic - which perfectly resonates with the values of KWAN.

Quirk Studio is an avant-garde interior design firm based in Mumbai. The studio was founded in 2013 with interior designers Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera joining forces to establish a design legacy that departed from conventional ideas of luxury to cater to modern, novel notions of comfort and self-expression.

United by a passion for the poetics of space, Bhavsar and Ajmera bring to the practice a combined experience of 10 years; having worked with some of the biggest design practices of the country, the duo imbue their contemporary creative vision with cutting-edge industry experience to deliver modern design solutions for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Innovative and experimental, the firm’s portfolio is a curation of projects that best exemplify the notion of accessible aspirations – each unique in their expression, yet uniformly vibrant and welcoming. With a focus on tactility of materials and subtle shifts of mood through strategic décor planning, Quirk Studio has a finger on the pulse of the new generation of home buyers. Featuring the likes of Godrej Interio, Saregama Pvt Ltd., Casa Vogue, Spenta Corporation and Portico New York, Quirk Studio’s clientele has quickly expanded from private individuals to include reputed corporations and design houses seeking to connect with the youth through soulful design interventions.



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