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Seedle By DC Group designs ANJ Kreations in Bandra

The design firm enhances shopping experiences In the queen of Mumbai's suburbs with the luxe interiors of the fashion boutique

Bandra has always been a hotspot for shopping excursions in the maximum city of Mumbai. However, with the establishment of a carefully designed luxe store — ANJ Kreations by Seedle by DC Group, the shopping experiences of residents and visitors alike has just got better.

The project, which commenced on 7th October, was completed by Seedle within a short-span of 20 days. With a small space to be transformed into a modern fashion boutique in hand, the design experts at Seedle have decided to go all out for a bold presence of diverse hues. Their prime inspiration comprised minimal, modern and contemporary elements that make a relatively smaller space look larger than life, with panache. Seedle has opted for a strategic route of using and placing reflective and semi-reflective elements along with a bold, but restrictive use of colour to achieve the purpose, without making the boutique look cramped to visitors

The highlight of the project is the pace at which Seedle’s brightest minds including Burgis Daruwalla, principal designer and Malcolm Daruwalla, principal architect have come together and completed it, while maintaining an eye-for-detail and accuracy. With modern and contemporary influences at the fore, they have used striking colours and mirrors to not only make the space look large, but also vibrantly appealing to all.

Optimising the design influences and inspirations behind the project, Seedle has intelligently placed bold colours in a sculptural way (at the centre of the boutique) that highlights every artistic element. With this carefully crafted space, visitors can be assured of a lavish and relaxed shopping experience.

The Seedle by DC Group

A confluence of architects and interior designers, Seedle by DC Group is a company consistently driven to delivering innovative and remarkable projects, and creating a legacy in the world of design. It all began as a small practice 30 years ago as DC Group, with a determined focus on design and flawless execution. As a result of its passion and sincerity towards each of the projects it has undertaken, DC Group has delivered masterpieces time and again. With each project designed and crafted with authencity, today it has evolved into a distinguished ‘design + build’ firm known as Seedle by DC Group. Having originally been founded as the DC Group in 1989 by Burgis and Jasmine Daruwalla, the practice has had an impeccable track record.

The name 'Seedle' (Seed + Cradle) finds its origins in the act of cradling an idea and nurturing it until it becomes a reality. Echoing the same thought, each of the projects undertaken by the organisation begins with the idea, thought or dream of the client or brand. It is then carefully cradled and lovingly transformed into a reality, through its creative mastery.

Owing to his constant attention to his craft, design, and degree of perfection, Burgis is well known in the industry for his remarkable projects. His expertise in the domain, shaped by his practical experiences in the design industry, is only complemented by Jasmine’s extraordinary management capabilities. As a result, she has been leading Seedle by DC Group towards success, and actively motivating the team, for close to three decades. The reason behind this is, its principal philosophies have always revolved around customer satisfaction and an unquenchable passion for design.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Daruwalla has leveraged his global exposure and expertise in the realm of architectural design, to work on several prestigious projects, and create experiential spaces in more than three continents, and in a number of cities. Throughout the last year, he has successfully spearheaded the business and enhanced the capabilities and functioning of the company, while taking the legacies of the parent companies to new heights.

Possessing a wide range of skillsets and a diverse blend of design-related backgrounds, the three of them have together been able to utilise their thought leadership to integrate a plethora of design services with varied construction capabilities. Drawing upon their individual expertise and specialisations, they have executed several distinguished projects, which have left a highly positive remark in the industry. Word-of-mouth recommendations and references have, till date, played the biggest role in the success of this firm.



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