The façade of the building housing Naturals Now is embellished with 350 pots, attracting eyeballs that translate to footfalls.
The façade of the building housing Naturals Now is embellished with 350 pots, attracting eyeballs that translate to footfalls.

Naturals Now is a scoop of nature in the heart of Mumbai

Surrounded by trees and with potted plants literally at your feet, the Juhu outlet of the iconic ice-cream brand Natural's extension - Naturals Now - is designed to offer an experience that simulates a walk in the park

A green oasis in the midst of the bustling Mumbai suburb of Juhu, Naturals Now is a distinct brand that’s crafted from the mother brand: Natural. Indeed, it is the manifestation of the brand and its love for nature - which is evident from its name. In the hustle and bustle of the buzzing city, Naturals Now was meant to be a space that looks and feels less like an outlet and more like a park.

In a city handicapped by space constraints, the design firm Drink Water Design Studio came up with an innovative idea- to build a garden under your feet. The place allows you to walk along a beautifully-created mesh placed above a pathway that houses 500 pots below ground. Even the façade boasts of 350 pots, making Naturals Now a place that just cannot be missed.

The interiors are inspired to mimic a freshly-churned scoop of Naturals Now. The epoxy terrazzo almost makes you feel like you are literally inside a scoop with fruit pieces sprinkled all over it - a dream-come-true for lovers of ice cream.

The outlet houses seven live ice-cream churning machines settled against the counter in a way that the patrons can watch and experience their favourite ice cream while it is getting churned and scooped right out of the churner.

All in all, Naturals Now stays true to its name of being ‘now’ in the way the space looks and feels - the dynamic nature of whisking up new flavours regularly, experimenting with new ingredients and offering an experience of indulging in freshly-churned ice cream like never before.


Drink Water Design Studio specialises in crafting retail experiences for brands. The firm boasts of a full-fledged design and architecture department with expertise in re-branding businesses. They are responsible for carrying out the massive rebranding exercise for Natural ice cream and Naturals Now, and continue to partner with them in building the brand across India. The studio’s mission is to help Indian brands compete against global players in the market through a smart use of design.



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