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A must-see elegantly modern residence by AND Studio

Ample of natural light and a refined, unpretentious material palette infuses this Noida home with understated character

Located in Noida, a satellite city in the national capital region, The Seventy by AND Studio is an epitome of elegant modern architecture. With a simple yet enormously posh façade, transparent glass walls and wide entrance made of an articulated revolving door, the residence gives you a sense of freedom and class. The see-through shell and large balconies create spaces that reach out to the outdoors creating an alluring engagement with nature. Concrete, glass and wood have been beautifully blended together in this home and set a subtle and classy aesthetic right from the first look while light animates and constantly changes the visual impact of the space.

As one enters the house, the exquisite design language and ravishing light immediately relaxes the mind and feeds the soul. The vertical gardens envelop the whole house and minimises the overheating effect of the summer sun. Artistic pendant lights, huge mirrors and fancy hanging elements encapsulate the attention of the viewer in a glimpse. Delving further into the design, one can see an elaborate use of pristine Statuario white marble in the lobby areas paired with ambient lighting that gives a very calm and tranquil effect to the space. A combination of superior white and exotic brown marbles along with hints of black granite has been used to design the royal bathrooms, fitted with the best-in-line wash closets and basins.

Natural light, which is also a predominant element across the whole house, floods the kitchen through the enormous glass windows. This light is reflected off the gorgeous white marble that has been used to design the simple counter slabs and the floor, and gives a gorgeous visual appeal to the space while also making it energy efficient, well designed and fully functional. The dining room follows the dramatic visual language and is infused with a feeling of warmth. A very similar appeal can be seen in the play area with a pool table, which integrates white marble and hardwood flooring and is flanked by vertical planters in the background. Outlined by a set of glass partition walls, the triple-height living area is the largest and the most flexible space in the whole house.

Since architecture is just the background to the human life that goes on within and around it and is critical for maintaining a healthy and peaceful lifestyle of the occupants, this house is the perfect exemplar of a graceful and efficient space that not only adds value to the lives of the occupants but also nurtures the well-being of anyone who is in the space.

About AND Studio
Architecture and Design Studio is a progressive architectural practice with branches spread across New Delhi, Milan and Vicenza, serving an ever-expanding clientele. Led by founding principal Love Choudhary and with a team of wide ranged professionals, AND Studio Delhi strives to provide the best of services to their clients’ interests. They adopt an experimental approach to design in order to achieve ingenious and inventive ideas.  



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