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Typhoon Shelter launches the 'Port to Plate' concept

The unique dining experience is spatially designed by Ayaz Basrai of The Busride Studio and transports you to a Chinese shore awaiting a tyhpoon

When it comes to unique conceptual dining experiences, Typhoon Shelter located at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. This time around, they have curated a special menu to showcase the essence behind the original restaurant & menu concept - introducing to you Typhoon Shelter’s Port to Plate menu. Taking cues from the life and culture of people living in a typhoon shelter, the restaurant design creates the immersive experience of sitting in the middle of an approaching typhoon, where spatial elements, visual art and music all come together. Ayaz Basrai of The Busride Studio has tried to create an atmosphere of constant change and flux, much like the ever-changing sky-scapes that mesmerise us when we stand at a shore.

The façade is a deceptive reminder of a beautiful broken oriental ruin. Elaborate, bold and colourful, it transports you to vintage Hong Kong. Inside, the Typhoon takes over. Typhoon Shelter explores multiple energy levels referencing from the sky, starting from subtle evening skies and warm sunny tones, to the slow build-up of the Typhoon as the evening approaches.

“At the Typhoon Shelter we’ve tried to create a capsule of the madness that was vintage. Hong Kong, the chaos and bustle of the streets, the dark red Opium dens, the details and ornamentation that made up the busy, loud and brash Chinese street of yore. We have created a guiding story, that of three extremely skilled fishermen, waiting on the shore watching the slow foreboding build-up of clouds, the essence of the Typhoon, and using their combined culinary skills to wait out the storm. Typhoon Shelter is a safe harbour, replete with all the chaos of old-school China," explains Basrai.

Chef Avinash Naha, the culinary head of Typhoon Shelter, has curated an experience inspired by the concept of shelters existing on the coast of Hong Kong, where fishermen from various provinces of China, as well as the locals in the surrounding area, would come under one roof seeking refuge from the typhoons in the region. People exchanged conversations, cultures and ideas over delicious food while they waited for typhoons to pass and so, food became an integral part of their lifestyle and the Typhoon Shelter cuisine was born.

Port to Plate is a collection of Typhoon Shelter’s signature dishes, carefully selected to ensure that every diner gets a true taste of this cuisine and grows to love it. You can sip on hot soups like the Shanghainese Hot & Sour Soup and Forbidden Garden or enjoy some delicious dim sum like the Wild Mushroom & Edamame Dumpling, Har Gau, Jade Chive Sui Mai or Corn-Fed Chicken.

The menu has options of small plates with signatures like Chengdu Chicken, Turnip Cake, Yolandas Crispy Prawns, Pepper Spiked Tofu and Crisp Seasonal Veg. The selection of large plates include Chicken A La Ma and Four Treasure Veg, Stir Fried Prawns/ Kung Pao Prawn with Sizzled Season Greens. The menu would not be complete without staples like the Cantonese Fried Rice (Veg/Egg/Chicken) and Hakka Noodles (Veg/Egg/Chicken). Finally, the pièce de résistance - the ultra-luxurious desserts, which are out of the ordinary. The ‘Zen’ being the must-try dessert to complete this signature dining experience.

Recently featured on the World’s 50 Best Discovery List for Best Bars, the menu will offer cocktails like Spice Route and Drunken Rose that the restaurant has been especially recognised for. Typhoon Shelter’s Port to Plate menu adds a contemporary touch to the humbleness and simplicity of its Chinese roots and offers its patrons a dining experience where conversations can flow over heart-warming dishes – just the way it should be experienced!

About Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd
Gourmet Investments Pvt. Ltd., supported by its parent company Bharti Group, is a benchmark name in the F&B industry in India with best in class restaurants, both homegrown and international brands. As a company, GIPL brings in the best of talent, quality service and high pedigree food & beverage products. Some of the homegrown brands sit under “The Project” series, namely The Bandra Project, The Runway Project, The Market Project & The Poona Project, all community-centric properties with steps of service and quality unparalleled. Yet another concept homegrown brand is “The Typhoon Shelter”, a concept-based cuisine, serving traditional typhoon shelter cuisine true to the Chinese roots curated in a contemporary form. With 27 operational restaurants and many new openings this year, GIPL aims to open over 80 restaurants by 2020, in India and globally.



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