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Have you checked this new Nail Spa at Mumbai's international airport?

Mecca Spaces designed the nail spa with a global flair while simultaneously ensuring the mateirals and composition command a sense of peace and tranquility

‘If there’s a better way to do it - find it!’ This is the mantra that Mecca Spaces lives by. When given the responsibility of designing India’s first nail salon, located at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai), the design studio wanted to create an innovative yet timeless space. The budget for the project was also relatively constricted, which invariably demanded a more innovative approach.

The space catches the eye, right from the entrance. The CNC cut, arborescent structure at the entrance of the establishment, grows upwards and into the ceiling. This form is perfect for showcasing a varied range of nail and make up products that the salon uses.

Industrial and modern sense of aesthetics define the spa ambience, along with accents that reminds one of old school glam flare. The monochromatic checkered floor gives it the timeless vintage touch while it accentuates it and adds up to the grandiose.

The statement elements of the space are beautifully balanced with subtle elements that bring in calm and elegance, like the exposed pristine white wooden beams, and the hints of soft coral hues that give a sense of peace - a very vital aspect for a beauty salon or spa.

Few other distinguishing elements include, a tree-like form augmented for the display of the products, a raised pedicure station with grid style tiles and a finished nail station with rose gold frames that are completed with Mecca Spaces signature pink chairs.

The location of the nail spa, brings in a frequent flow of people who come from all around the world, and have different styles and aesthetics. The purpose behind the design was to make it pleasing to the eye on a global scale. The industrial design blended with the contemporary finishes resulted in an interior that’s tasteful, soft and poised.



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