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Global body report establishes huge positive impact of solar on livelihoods in India

The report concludes that four Full Time Employment (FTE) jobs are created in India for every 100 SHS sold

recently released report by GOGLA, the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry, has established the huge positive impact of Solar Home Systems (SHS) on livelihoods in India. In times where the Government is looking to create more and more jobs to boost demand and with it the economy, the report titled ‘Powering Opportunities in South Asia Research’, funded by UK AID and conducted by Altai Consulting, concludes that four Full Time Employment (FTE) jobs are created in India for every 100 SHS sold.

The research surveyed 949 households in South Asia, primarily including rural customers from the Indian states of Assam and Uttar Pradesh.

Indian households with a solar home system also report significant improvements to their quality of life as people feel safer and their children have more time to study. Systems also provide big boosts to income for one in 10 owners, who are using their SHS to light and power businesses and to unlock more work hours.

An overwhelming 94% of the households surveyed reported an improvement to their quality of life after buying a solar home system, with a majority reporting positive impacts in the areas of safety (90%) and education (66%).

The full report on South Asia is available at



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