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AkzoNobel and the Rijksmuseum paint a clearer picture for Operation Night Watch

The two partners are combining their expertise to conserve and restore a Rembrandt masterpiece in the best possible way

Inventive scientific research into colour, light and paint is at the core of the next phase of AkzoNobel’s trailblazing Operation Night Watch partnership with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Rembrandt’s masterpiece is undergoing the biggest and most innovative conservation in its history, with the two partners combining their knowledge and expertise to identify three key areas to focus on.

Launched in July 2019, Operation Night Watch is using ground-breaking tools and techniques to carry out the major conservation. Klaas Kruithof, AkzoNobel’s Chief Technology Officer, shares. “By fusing the old with the new, we can think differently, act differently and use our innovative know-how to go beyond expectations and help bring paintings conservation into a whole new realm of possibilities.”
Robert van Langh, the Rijksmuseum’s Head of Conservation and Science, added: “We’re beginning to get into the finer details of how we can progress from a scientific point of view. We have common interests, especially in terms of colour and the ageing of the paint, and we’re confident that the projects we’ll be working on will help bring the Night Watch to a new perspective and level of understanding.”

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Scientists from both parties plan to work on the following over the next two years:
- Recreate Rembrandt’s impastos to gain a better understanding of how he created his unique paint formulations – the precise recipe still remains a mystery.

-Design custom colour calibration to improve the photography and digitization of paintings.

-Help to improve the viewing experience of The Night Watch – taking into account the impact that the lighting conditions and the surroundings have on colour perception – using AkzoNobel’s newest virtual colour display technologies



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