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The raw and edgy vibe of Zebein’s new store

Designed by Antaraagam Studio, the clothing brand outlet in Ahmedabad builds a unique look with cane, jute, brass and mango wood

A clothing brand startup, Zebein specialises in smart casuals who wanted to set up a simple yet contemporary store that would be in line with their clothing philosophy. In response, Antaraagam Studio designed the store with a raw look and feel of the tropics. Walls have been painstakingly hand plastered to evoke an earthy feel to the space. Mango wood furniture and antique traditional accessories convey a traditional emotion. Sleek metal elements have been introduced as a contrast and therefore the space has its unique expression of a contemporary retail space.

The store is a retail space of 900 sqft. Apart from the main display area the space has a back office, a storage area, a small pantry, trial rooms and a toilet. The vestibule is flanked by an antique cabinet which has brass accessories, plants and booklets which describe the brand. A small sitting area is provided for the elderly or a partner who can sit and read while the main patron is shopping.

A lot of greenery has been added to the space which makes it look refreshing and is another design choice which separates this space from the other retail spaces. Brass details complement the rustic whites and the saturated textures of the mango wood  along with the greenery. The lighting is subdued spotlights have been added to the display items. Jute, brass and blackpainted metal have been used around the space to attune to the sleek and contemporary design statement.

Cane and mango wood furniture paired with industrial lamps make a stunning statement. The textiles and rugs in jute and linen highlight the design statement of using natural materials with sleek metallic contemporary counterparts.



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