Aparna Kaushik, Swimming pool designs, Contemporary Farmhouses, Stone facade, HPL Facade, Travertine stones, Kharad stones, Labradorite Dark stone, Wooden deck tiles

Aparna Kaushik unveils exclusive pool design

Feast your eyes on an exclusively designed luxury swimming pool, courtesy New-Delhi-based architect Aparna Kaushik

Designed as part of sprawling contemporary farm houses, these pools present no-fuss, modern design ideas that leave a restful impression. Featuring minimal decor interventions, the designs rely on the beautiful and serene facades of the structures, carefully planned lighting and a thoughtful selection of materials and finishes.

The backdrop facades themselves are designed with care using materials that offer an unmistakable natural appeal. The use of textured paint in muted tones, Travertine stones and Kharad stones on the walls, High Pressure Laminates (HPL) in wood shades on facades and undersides of roof extensions, Labradorite Dark stone around the pools, and the wooden deck tiles… all create a peaceful, natural atmosphere. The sculptural potted plants and greenery further add vibrancy to the surroundings. 

Intelligent use of façade and ambient lights orchestrate an elegant play of light and shadows. Especially at night, when the placid waters of the pools mirror the shower of lights on the facades, it’s a magical atmosphere. And there is harmony in the sweeping views.



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