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IKEA India launches BOTANISK, a handmade collection made together with six social entrepreneurs

Collection includes pots, baskets and more, and will also create jobs for people who need it the most

IKEA has unveiled a new limited-edition collection named BOTANISK, a handmade collection that adds to the fun of growing your own indoor zen garden.

BOTANISK is a collaboration between IKEA’s in-house designers and six social entrepreneurs in Thailand, India, Romania and Jordan. These entrepreneurs and social businesses share a common goal: to create jobs for vulnerable groups far from the labour market. Through these partnerships, IKEA is creating employment, empowering more women and showcasing handicraft skills of artisans who may not be part of the mainstream economy, while creating beautiful products out of sustainably sourced natural materials.

BOTANISK consists of pots, pot hangers, baskets, hanging planters, hand towels, throws, aprons, cushion covers and more, made of natural tactile materials like banana fibre, jute and better cotton. Just like the colours, the materials have been picked to reflect the botanical theme.

IKEA has collaborated with two social entrepreneurs in India for this collection: Industree Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Bengaluru, which builds sustainable livelihoods in the creative manufacturing sector; and Rangsutra, a non-profit organisation that works to bridge the gap between rural artisans and global consumers in order to develop sustainable livelihoods and revive India’s rich craft heritage.



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